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"I'm glad I took the initiative to go through this course. I passed the real estate exam in one go, so I'm very satisfied about that. Initially, I was very worried as I was working two jobs. However, Ken was very understanding and made sure I knew all the material before I applied for the exam. I highly recommend BC Academy of Real Estate! Thank you, Ken!"

Stephen Gander

"I really had only 40 days left on my registration to pass the exam. I decided to give it a shot. Called the Acedemy and promtly Ms. Tina from the Academy called back and I told her my situation. I joined the class next day. Tina was confident that I will pass if I commit. Then I attended classes both at Surrey & Vancouver locations. The classes at both location ran in such a way that I could finish all my chapters in 5 weeks. It was very fast paced environment but Ken, our instructor is very cool. I understaood that we needed to look at every chapter and see what the juice of the matter was. The instructor covered the important stuff. The mathematics portion was very well covered which really gave me the confidence as I had a lot of Math questions on the exam. I think I passed because I attended the classes at the Academy. I thank Ken for making the course so enjoyable and easy to grasp. Ken runs the program very smoothly, no matter in which chapter you join. You will catch-up."

Sunny Grewal

"I was skeptical to begin these classes, basing my skepticism on the fact that I began the real estate course almost 2 years ago, on my own. I finished all the assignments and prepared/wrote the test. I received my results to find out that I failed the exam by 5 questions, what a bummer. I was demotivated and mentally drained from going through all the material and course work myself, that I had to take a break. Ive been attending these classes now for almost 4 weeks, and could not stress the importance of having guidance through the course. The class is designed to filter out the fillers; rather focusing on the course work completed and you exam ready. The atmosphere is great, you'e in a classroom environment and having actual classmates to interact with is a bonus. However the greatest resource in attending these classes is the instructor. He's a great guy, friendly, very knowledgable and teaches the material in simple yet understandable form."

Rahim Khan

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